Elizabethan Windows are proud to supply Kömmerling products.

Kömmerling - Europe's No. 1

Kömmerling is not only a leading player in the UK but right across Europe, they have also developed some of the most energy efficient windows and doors available, saving you money every year as energy prices rise.

Greenline Lead-Free PVCu

Greenline is a concept that has been perfected to preserve the natural resources by working in three convergent directions:

Ensuring the ongoing improvement of the window system’s performance providing thermal insulation which reduces on energy consumption and improves sound insulation.

Recycling the basic raw materials (PVC-u, glass and steel) by reusing them in the production cycle –thus improving efficiency by using less raw materials and energy.

Optimising the use of raw material components; the end product is more refined which ensures longevity and increases the life-span of the PVC profiles.

Combine a sense of style with German engineering.

A window or door is not only functional, but it can be stylish too.
Make it yours - make a statement
We can supply producst that can be tailored perfectly to your needs in terms of design, we offer a huge range of colours. This will give you the opportunity to make your investment a little more individual.

Online energy savings calculator

Log onto the Kömmerling website where you can find out how much money you could save each year, www.kommerling.co.uk Go on, see how much you can save in your pocket and for your planet.

Windows Energy Ratings

Look out for windows that carry a windows energy rating. Kömmerling windows readily achieve A, B and C ratings thanks to their highly energy efficient design.

Alternatively they carry a U-value and will help reduce your expensive energy bills.